PhD Fine Art Student wins Big Draw competition

Since its launch in 2000, Big Draw events have take place all over the UK and internationally to encourage drawing. The participating venues are encouraged to document their artist-led projects and submit them for one of twelve prestigious Drawing Inspiration Awards sponsored by the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust. The judges look for innovative and challenging events that engage the public.

This year the competition was won by Maria Hayes, who is currently completing a PhD Fine Art degree at the School of Art. The submission was a unique collaboration between Maria, the School of Art (Aberystwyth University) and Aberystwyth Arts Centre entitled Energy Gift Exchange. The project comprised 12 days of public-access workshops, held as part of Maria’s PhD Fine Art exhibition Shedding Skins. The workshops centred upon a rolling programme of performers, storytellers, musicians, and dancers who took to the stage in front of a sophisticated video projection space, in exchange for a drawing which Maria made of their movement. Members of the public in attendance not only observed the proceedings but also were invited to draw the performers using the video projection equipment themselves.

The Award ceremony takes place at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London on 17 May 2012.

Energy Gift Exchange: Maria Hayes drawing wth John Harvey performing.