Aberystwyth University Entrance Scholarships

Art (Portfolio)

If you have chosen Art (Portfolio) as one of your Scholarship subjects then you should include in your portfolio submission a:

  • self-portrait
  • full-length portrait of a family member, seated
  • view from a window
  • still life drawing or study of machinery (e.g. sewing-machine, woodwork tools, car engine, etc.)

If you already have artworks representing similar subjects then you can substitute these for the above. 

You should also include works which demonstrate a:

  • high standard of representational drawing and painting from observation
  • developing interest, curiosity and sensitivity to the visual world that surrounds you and shows your potential for individual creativity
  • personal determination to combine analytical, practical and creative study in a systematic way
  • well presented selection of representative artwork. We are looking for quality not quantity

You can either:

  • bring your portfolio to one of the School of Art Visiting Days before 18th February
  • telephone (01970 622460) or email (srw@aber.ac.uk) to arrange an alternative date for delivery
  • mail your portfolio to Dr Suzie Watkin, School of Art, Aberystwyth University, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth SY23 1NG