Aberystwyth University Entrance Scholarships

If a candidate is applying for a degree scheme that includes Fine Art - for example, Joint Honours in Art History and Fine Art - they must submit a Portfolio of their art work as one of their Entrance Scholarship subjects. Students must submit a portfolio of original artworks. We are looking for work that shows a variety of media, techniques and subject matter, a strong aptitude for observational drawing and/ or painting, and a wider interest in fine art through the study of art and artists, historical and contemporary.

A PowerPoint file of up to 20 of your self-selected best art works should be submitted to:

Dr Christopher Webster van Tonder: cpw@aber. ac.uk and clearly marked ‘Entrance Scholarship Portfolio’. The submission deadline is 29th January 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted. PowerPoints may be sent by email attachment, or submitted online via Dropbox, WeTransfer or equivalent, or alternatively uploaded onto a personal webpage or Blog.

Please contact the School of Art with any submission queries:

Tel: 01970 622460

Email: srw@aber.ac.uk or artschool@aber.ac.uk