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The Aberystwyth-Bangor Joint Scheme for Recognising Continuing Professional Development in Teaching and Supporting Learning  

Aberystwyth University now operates a joint scheme with Bangor University for the recognition of continuing professional development in teaching and the support of learning (Recognition Scheme). The Recognition Scheme allows us to award HEA Fellowships. This replaces direct applications for fellowships to the HEA, which are no longer supported.

The Recognition Scheme is based on the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) against which the HEA's four categories of fellowship are aligned.  The HEA has given approval for Aberystwyth and Bangor universities to award HEA fellowships in all four categories:

Why should I apply for a HEA Fellowship?

HEA Fellowships are considered to be a recognised teaching accreditation across the sector, and represent an important route to recognition for experienced staff with no previous teaching qualification. The UKPSF has also been reflected in Bangor’s teaching route to promotion criteria and ongoing work is underway to help clarify the way the UKPSF is expressed in the criteria.

Two Routes to HEA Fellowships

1. Qualification Route: PGCertHE

New staff, at Bangor, with fewer than 3 years appropriate experience of teaching in higher education, are required to complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCertHE).The certificate comprises 2 modules. Successful completion of module 1 (Stage 1) is accompanied by the entitlement to an Associate Fellowship (AFHEA), while completion of the entire certificate (Stage 2) leads to a Fellowship (FHEA). Stage 1 of the PgCertHE is also appropriate for Postgraduate’s who teach. 

2.  CPD Route:  Individual Application

Experienced staff involved in teaching or supporting learning can apply for any of the four categories of fellowship by submitting an application to the Recognition Scheme. In essence, this is a submission of evidence that your practice can be seen to align to one of the four Descriptors of the UKPSF and therefore make you eligible for thecorresponding category of fellowship:

Descriptor Category:

D1                  Associate Fellow        

D2                  Fellow

D3                  Senior Fellow

D4                  Principal

How is my application judged?

Your application will be sent out to two independent reviewers (three in the case of PFHEA applications). Reviewer reports are then considered at the Aber-Bangor CPD Recognition Panel, chaired by a respective PVC Teaching and Learning. In the current academic year the panel will meet twice, in February and July.

Support for Applicants

This website explains the UKPSF and how to apply for each of the four categories of fellowship.  Much of the information is replicated in the Recognition Scheme Handbook.

CDSAP runs monthly workshops to familiarise potential applicants with the UKPSF and the application route process.  See CDSAP website for 'Preparing an application for HEA Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow' for upcoming dates.

When putting together an application, we strongly advise that you gain feedback from as many of your peers, as possible.  CDSAP also hosts a monthly peer-support gropup / writing retreat hour in room S7, Cledwyn Building.   Networked laptops will be available. 

Application Deadlines

Additional guidelines can be found on these pages:


The UKPSF Dimensions

The UKPSF Descriptors

What category of fellowship should I apply for?

Applying for an associate fellowship

Applying for a fellowship

Applying for a senior fellowship

Applying for a principal fellowship

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