Guidance for Referees

Thank you for agreeing to provide a reference to support an application to the Aberystwyth-Bangor Universities' Joint Scheme for Recognising Continuing Professional Development in Teaching and Supporting Learning.

The guidance below is designed to help you prepare your reference. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: 

Graham Lewis ( at Aberystwyth University.


Sue Clayton ( at Bangor University

What is the purpose of the reference?

The function of the reference is to provide a peer review of the applicant's professional practice and experience in order to support and supplement the information given in their application. You should refer to the appropriate area of this website:

or to Section 6 in the Recognition Scheme Handbook relating to relevant criteria of the UK Professional Standards for Teaching and Supporting Learning (UKPSF) relating to the category of fellowship that is being applied for.  See also The UKPSF (full details), for more details,

Carefully read the application before writing your reference, as this should provide the basis for your comments.

What information do I need to provide?

If possible, please comment on the applicant's most recent role and responsibilities.

Your reference should primarily refer to the applicant's experience and achievements in teaching and supporting learning and should refer to her/his research record and wider involvements only insofar as these directly inform their teaching.

Base your reference on how the applicant meets the Dimensions of the UK Professional Standards Framework (Section 3 and Appendix A of the Recognition Scheme Handbook) at the appropriate Descriptor (Section 4 of the Recognition Scheme Handbook), using your knowledge of his/her work, professional practice in teaching and supporting learning and the context within which the applicant works.

Provide practical examples to support your comments wherever possible. If you have been involved in peer observation of the applicant's teaching or support of learners, please draw on the evidence this provides. Similarly, please comment on any innovative practice, contribution to developments in teaching and learning at institutional level, or contribution to national initiatives in developing approaches to teaching and learning within the discipline in which the applicant is involved.

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) expects the Core Knowledge and Professional Values of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (UKPSF) to underpin the practice of those recognised by the scheme. Please provide examples, where appropriate, of ways in which this underpinning is apparent in the account.

There is no standard form for references; you may find it helpful to comment under the Dimensions of the UKPSF identified in the application (e.g. within the Areas of Activity). The Dimensions of the UKPSF are listed in section 3 of the Recognition Scheme Handbook. Please provide an electronic copy to the applicant and ensure that it includes your name, job title, organisation (including department where applicable) and email address.

It is the applicant's responsibility to collect the reference from you. We recognise that this is a different kind of reference from one that is normally required for promotion or job appointment, as we are looking specifically for evidence of commitment to and effectiveness of teaching and/or supporting learning rather than general academic achievement. We may wish to contact you to clarify points in your reference.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but assessments and award panels will take place twice every academic year. Each panel will receive and consider applications in all four categories of fellowship.

Applications will consist of a merged document to include all required elements (see section 9.2 of te Recognition Scheme Handbook or HERE). Application may be submitted in Welsh or English (see Recognition Scheme Handbook section 9.3).  An electronic copy, in Microsoft Word format will be submitted to for applicants employed at Abersystwyth University or, for applicants employed at Bangor University.


An email confirming receipt will normally be sent to the applicant within 5 working days.

<Detailed Guidelines on formatting etc to be added.