Routes to Recognition

Two Routes to Fellowships

1. PGCTHE Route

New staff, at Aberystwyth, with less than 3 years appropriate experience of teaching in higher education, are required to complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCTHE).  The certificate comprises two one-year modules,   Completion of module 1 is accompanied by the entitlement to an Associate Fellowship (AFHEA), while completion of the entire certiicate leads to a Fellowship (FHEA).

Associate Fellow (AFHEA)     <     Module1        

Fellow (FHEA)                       <     Module 2

2. Application Route

Experienced staff involved in teaching or supporting learning can apply for any of the four categories of fellowship by submitting an application to the Recognition Scheme.  In essence, this is a portfolio of evidence that your practice can be mapped to one of the four Descriptors of the UKPSF and therefore make you eligible for the corresponding category of fellowship:

Descriptor    Category.

D1                  Associate Fellow        

D2                  Fellow

D3                  Senior Fellow

D4                  Principal