The aim of the Translation Unit is to provide a rapid and efficient service, whilst ensuring that translations are of the highest quality. An English > Welsh and Welsh > English translation service is provided for all academic and administrative departments of Aberystwyth University.


Staff within departments and offices are also encouraged to contact the Centre should they require assistance in proofreading or editing a piece of work which they have translated or written themselves before it is made public, in order to ensure that the work is correct and that every word and mutation is in place!

Written Translation

Here are examples of the kinds of documents which we translate. If you are not sure whether or not your work is relevant to one of these categories contact the Centre for further advice.

  • Administrative documents
  • Correspondence
  • Handbooks/information leaflets
  • Departmental Web pages and the University's pages on the web
  • Publicity material
  • Advertisements
  • Signs and notices
  • Minutes of some of the University's committees
  • Teaching materials
  • Examination papers for degree courses
  • Teaching materials
  • Examinations papers for degree courses
  • Examinations scripts and essays for formal assessment
  • Application forms from prospective students
  • Applications for posts or promotions in the University
  • Entrance Scholarship examination papers and scripts

Simultaneous Translation

We provide simultaneous translation for many events and we encourage departments to consider bilingual requirements when organising internal and external committees or meetings. Please contact the Centre to arrange simultaneous translation or should you require advice. Among the meetings and committees that received simultaneous translations are:

  • the Court, the Senate and reporting committees
  • departmental boards
  • interviews/hearings relating to staff or students
  • conferences and meetings arranged by departments

For the attention of students

If you need assistance in translating a document relating to your academic research we might be able to help you. Please contact directly to discuss your requirements and note the number of words to be translated and the timescale.