2018 Awards

Aberystwyth University celebrated St David’s Day with an award ceremony in the Old College, Friday 16 March 2018 to recognise four individuals’ exceptional contributions to the Welsh language.

Guest speaker was Caryl Lewis, author and Aberystwyth University alumna and Professor Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones was the mistress of ceremony. The audience was entertained by Aelwyd Pantycelyn and each winner received a certificate and an englyn especially composed by Eurig Salisbury.

The Winners

Exceptional Learner (staff)

A member of staff who has learnt Welsh and is making an exceptional effort to use and apply the language at work.

  • Lucy Hodson – Director of Planning

Originally from Gloucestershire, Lucy joined Aberystwyth in 2012 following her appointment as the University’s Director of Planning. During the past two years, Lucy has devoted her spare time to learn Welsh language and has completed the Entry level Learning Welsh course and exam. The key elements that persuaded Lucy to learn the language was that she lived in Wales and wanted to keep the language alive.

Promoting Welsh in the Workplace (staff)

A member of staff who has been particularly supportive of the Welsh language in the workplace.

  • Branwen Davies – Publications Officer

Branwen has worked for the University for 10 years and has contributed to the Welsh language through her work. Branwen is a Publications Officer and is a part of the University’s Creative Media team. she encourages her non-Welsh speaking colleagues to use the language, by using Welsh words and terms alongside a translation when communicating by phone or email, as well as introducing ‘Word of the Week’ in the office which explains the meaning and gives pronunciation.

Welsh Medium Study (student)

A student who has overcome hurdles or who has made a special effort and is dedicated to studying through the medium of Welsh.

  • Stephanie Davies – Drama and Theatre Studies

Steph is a third year student studying Drama and Theatre Studies. Originally from Caerphilly, she is the only member of her family that speaks Welsh. She learned the language through attending Welsh-medium schools, but decided to attend an English-medium six form school which decreased her use of the Welsh language substantially. The main reason for choosing Aberystwyth University was to reinforce her relationship with the language, as well as the opportunities to study through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh Language Champion (student)

A student who has made a special contribution to the community’s and/or the University’s Welsh language identity by volunteering or by arranging Welsh medium events for fellow students.

  • Delyn Fritter – International Politics

Originally from a bilingual home in Pontypool, Delyn is a second year International Politics student. Her decision to study at Aberystwyth University was based on the opportunities to study the subject in Welsh and the Welsh language. The various opportunities that have arisen because of the Welsh language has led to her election as the Welsh Affairs Officer in the International Politics Association Committee. She offers Welsh lessons weekly to the non-Welsh speaking members of the society.