Adam Rowe 1969-2012

Adam Rowe was at Aberystwyth from 1988 to 1991 studying Classics and English, living throughout at Ceredigion Hall on the sea front.  In his time as a ‘Ceri boy’, he was a Rag Rep where he organised several fund-raising trips raising thousands for charity, and an Entertainments Officer, organising the hall’s social activities.  He threw himself into both of these tasks with enthusiasm and cheerfulness, and motivated others, especially first years, to join in and actively take part in university life.  He was much-liked by many throughout the university.

After graduating, Adam’s talents for motivation, persuasion and talking nonsense led him to the world of telesales where he successfully worked his way up to senior management level via a number of national newspapers and political journals.  Living in Tonbridge, Kent, he became a commuter and was married to Diane although sadly this did not work out.  He always retained his interest in literature and history, and his main hobbies were books, films and following Southampton FC as well as socialising with his many friends.

For the last two years of his life, he battled various illnesses with optimism and determination. Despite being very ill and with many hospital visits, I never once saw him downhearted or depressed; he was always with his famous smile or his mischievous smirk.

Adam died on 26 October 2012 of liver disease at the age of 42.  His funeral in Kettering was well attended by friends, relatives and colleagues.  He will be much missed.

Keith Nevols