Multi-Faith Space

The Multi-Faith Space is somewhere that members of our University community can pray, meet and relax – to use the space you just need to access the ‘Faith Space’ Calendar and book the time you want to access it. Below are some FAQs which we hope will be helpful.

Faith SpacFAQs

Where is the Faith Space located?

The Faith Space is located in the Arts Centre to the right of the Piazza Café.  Aberystwyth students and staff can access from the side of the building, from the concourse outside the Arts Centre/Students' Union.

Who can use the Faith Space?

The faith space is available to all members of staff, registered students and recognised Student faith societies.

Can the space be used at any time?

The faith space is open 7 days a week.

Between 8am-5pm any member of our community can access the space by swiping their Aber Card on the SALTO Lock /card access reader.

After 5pm we ask that students book the space via the 'Faith Space Calendar'. This is because in the evening it is more likely that groups/societies will use the space for meetings and socials.

How do I book the 'Faith Space'?

To use the space you will need to access the ‘Faith Space’ Calendar and book the time you want to access it. 

How do I gain access to the faith space?

To gain access to the faith space between 8am-5pm, you will just need to swipe your Aber card on the SALTO lock upon entry, and again in exiting. After 5pm students/staff can access the space by booking on the Faith Space calendar.

Who owns the space?

The University community owns the space but use of the space is administered via Diversity and Inclusion Staff. Please contact or if you have any queries.