Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training

Aberystwyth University has a range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion online E-Learning training courses, which we expect all staff to complete.

Online Courses

  1. Diversity in the Workplace (1 hour)
    • familiarise them with equality legislation
    • give them an understanding of the broader issues around equality/diversity
    • raise their awareness of their responsibilities and rights as members of staff
  2. Unconscious Bias (30 mins)
    • 'Breaking Habits' will help your employees to understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold.
  3. Let’s talk about Race in the Workplace (30 mins)
    • Support learners to consciously and proactively address racial bias in their organisation.
    • Setting out the facts and thinking around systemic racism in organisations.
  4. (New) (1) Understanding Autism (30 mins) by Autism Wales
    • Introduction to what Autism is, how it affects the day-to-day life of autistic people, and advice on things you can do to be more understanding of autism.
    • Also, two additional modules on (2) Understanding Effective Communication and Autism (20 mins), and, (3) Understanding Assessment and Autism (20 mins).

The training is provided by means of an online tutorial. This tutorial can be done in one sitting or in 'bite-sized' chunks at your convenience. The Diversity in the Workplace course contains a quiz that must be completed to finish the training. These quiz marks will be retained and will be used to identify further training needs for staff.

The training is especially important for staff members who undertake the following roles and the responsibility at the University:

  • Line Manager
  • Recruiting managers, shortlisting and interview panel members prior to selecting applicants for shortlisting or interview.
  • Principal/co-investigator on a research project
  • Staff who participate in committees, sub-committees and operational groups
    The online course above are available in both Welsh and English.

Four years after completing the course, staff will be re-enrolled to repeat the course to maintain an understanding of EDI and knowledge of any subsequent changes in law and/or best practice.

Where and how to log in?


Please use your usual AU user id and password.

If you have problems accessing these courses, please contact Information Services is@aber.ac.uk.

Face-to-face training

The EDI team can also offer departments and staff groups face-to-face equality and diversity training. If you would like to discuss this option for your staff please contact equality@aber.ac.uk.

Other Training and Development

The University regularly schedule other training and development courses for staff – you can find the latest list and further information here