Inclusive Spaces

We aim to make our campuses welcoming, accessible and inclusive for all students, staff and visitors

Below are some of our inclusive facilities, rooms and services.

Breastfeeding, Expressing and Bottle-feeding facilities

Further information: Feeding your Baby

The University campuses are entirely breastfeeding friendly and there are no restrictions on bottle or breastfeeding. We recognise that sometimes parents may prefer a private, quiet and safe space to feed (by bottle or breast) or to express.

There are dedicated milk expressing/breastfeeding rooms to support staff and students who are breastfeeding or for private rest facilities for pregnant colleagues. All students and staff members can use these facilities.

Multifaith Space

Further information: Faith Provision

The Faith Space is somewhere that members of our University community can pray, meet and relax – to use the space you just need to access the ‘Faith Space’ Calendar and book the time you want to access it. 

Campus Accessibility Guides

Further information:

In collaboration with AccessAble, a leading provider of accessibility information for disabled people in the UK, Aberystwyth University has created an online guide for students, staff and visitors. These online resources will allow visitors to campus to make a choice about where to go on campus and how to get there.  It also means information on the accessibility of buildings and facilities across campus is all in one place, making it easier to plan journeys.