Bees on Campus

A buff tailed bumble bee emerges from a crocus covered in pollen. thatmacroguy/ShutterstockFor over forty years ago a local beekeeper has provided bees to help pollinate the plants and shrubs on our Campuses. Hives have been strategically placed on our campuses, to assist with pollination.

Research has indicated that planting more flowers is a great idea – but it is difficult to predict which flowers different insects will use the most, and whether enough flowers are being provided for them.

This is why Elizabeth Franklin has teamed up with the National Botanic Garden of Wales to find out what some different bee species think of the wildflower strips planted by Bournemouth Borough Council. Further information on DNA tracking Research can be found here.

Foxes are often seen on our Campuses, as well as a wide variety of birds, mammals, amphibians, insects and reptiles.