Centre for Research in Historiography and Historical Cultures

Mission Statement

The Centre for Research in Historiography and Historical Cultures (CRHHC) is a new research centre operating from the Department of History and Welsh History. The Centre’s remit is to recognise and build upon the Department’s strength in research and teaching on the history of historiography and wider ‘historical cultures’ (that is, representations and uses of the past through ‘public’ history, heritage and commemoration).

The Centre has three aims: (i) to promote the exploration of past and current trends in historiographical and other representations of the past; (ii) to explore the relationships between academic and amateur historians’ engagements with the past; (iii) to promote teaching and research in the fields of historiography and historical cultures.

Further details of relevant activities will appear on this page and its associated links in the coming months.

Chronicles constitute our most important set of sources for the history of high Medieval Europe. This international workshop brings together several distinguished keynote speakers, along with early-career researchers and postgraduate students, to examine how these sources were used to interpret and express notions of power and identity.