Sustainability Review 2023

As part of our Sustainability goals for 2023, we set out an action plan for all the areas and objectives that we wished to achieve for 2023. This is a snapshot on what we have achieved in the year, as well as highlighting areas and targets that we were unable to complete.

Our Action plan was set out by area of focus and the report is mirror of this layout for ease of reference. This review will then form part of our setting of our objectives for 2024.

Palm Oil

  • We have introduced the traffic light system for all wrapped products on campus with appropriate signage.
  • Where any products have non-RSPO palm oil we have looked to source alternatives, this is ongoing.
  • Policy was reviewed and updates for 2024.

Reduce Food Waste

  • Continuation of ‘When its gone’ promotions has saved 9406 items of food being thrown away, by discounting of short dated stock.
  • Value meal and discount mains have allowed for reduction in food waste by allowing small batch sizes of dishes to be used up.
  • Food waste monitoring has shown a 17% reduction in food waste on the year.

Reduce Disposable items on Campus

  • 25p cup levy has been introduced alongside sales and give away of keep cups to students and staff to promote use.
  • Take up of keep cups by staff has been encouraging, whilst less so with students.
  • All in house food is now served on China where dish wash facilities are present, namely in the Foodhall, Caffi bach and Blas Gogerddan.
  • We have removed all sauce sachets from use on campus.
  • Plastic packaging reduction was achieved by inclusion as part of tender process for suppliers.
  • Plastic free day launched in outlets las April to be increased in scale for 2024.

Net Zero

  • We required all suppliers to be committed to Net Zero through the tender process to assist in our scope 3 emissions.
  • All new equipment purchased was Grade A energy usage.
  • We were unable to calculate to the carbon in our menus, but this is still ongoing target for 2024.
  • We will be looking to review all equipment to reduce our energy usage, in line with capital availability for this.

Ethical Practices and Purchasing

  • Local Welsh coffee supplier appointed in 2023.
  • Adoption of the Menus for change as well as membership of the Sustainable restaurant Association to allow for annual audit of sustainability for the department for submission to people and planet audit.