Postgraduate Research Student travels the world to promote her research

07 January 2014

Laura Thomas, a second year PhD student in Sport and Exercise Science, had an active summer presenting her research at two international conferences. In June Laura travelled with Dr. Emily Oliver to the bustling city of Rochester, NY, to present their research at the 5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory. The conference attracted over 500 researchers and practitioners from around the world. Laura enjoyed hearing about the latest research in the field of motivation; of particular interest was the novel research by Dr. Lisa Legault examining the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying motivation. The highlight for many delegates was the closing remarks made by the theory’s developers, Deci and Ryan, outlining future directions for Self-Determination Theory research. After the conference Laura and Emily visited some of Rochester’s and New York City’s landmarks before traveling to Reims, France to attend the 16th international Reversal Theory conference with Dr. Joanne Hudson. This truly multidisciplinary conference brought together researchers from a range of fields including sport and exercise, health, and design in discussions regarding the changeability of peoples’ motivations and emotions. The novel application of reversal theory across the disciplines resulted in many engaging discussions and collaboration opportunities. Attending the conferences provided Laura with an excellent opportunity to gain feedback on her research, hear about the latest developments in the field of motivation, and network with researchers from around the world.