Boosting the number of women in science

29 January 2014

Two female scientists seconded to work on Athena SWAN applications.

Pwllpeiran Upland Research Platform

30 January 2014

Minister for Natural Resources and Food launches research centre.

Postgraduate Teaching contributions valued highly within the University

07 January 2014

Sport and Exercise Science students at Aberystwyth University continue to experience a high standard of teaching with two members of the teaching team receiving the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 2013. Arwel Wyn Jones and Ffion Curtis both graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2010 with first class BSc (hons) Science degrees. Both students then began their research PhD’s in the summer of 2010 funded by KESS.

Talented Enduro Motocrosser has high ambitions and hopes a degree in Sport and Exercise Science will help achieve them

07 January 2014

Rhian George is studying Sport and Exercise Science alongside her career in Enduro motocrossing. Enduro is a physically and mentally demanding sport, involving short motocross races of high, nearly maximal intensity, as well as 5-8 hour long courses through various terrains, and specifically selected technical courses involving, jumps, obstacles and steep ascents (and many other challenges).

Staff jumping off cliffs after academic year 2012/2013 ends

07 January 2014

Following completion of the 2012/2013 academic year, a group of staff members decided to all jump off the cliff. Or rather, off multiple cliffs, while landing safely in the water while wearing a swimming vest.  Officially called ‘coasteering’, a day was being spent on the Pembrokeshire coast, swimming, traversing, climbing and jumping off the cliffs.

Postgraduate Research Student travels the world to promote her research

07 January 2014

Laura Thomas, a second year PhD student in Sport and Exercise Science, had an active summer presenting her research at two international conferences. In June Laura travelled with Dr. Emily Oliver to the bustling city of Rochester, NY, to present their research at the 5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory.

Summer internship in Japan opens up a world of new experiences

06 January 2014

The Tsukuba Summer Institute is an international course which provides opportunities for both postgraduate and undergraduate students from worldwide institutes to promote research and network. There was the option to participate in a variety of activities in relation to Japanese research and sport.

Michele Presacane appointed as 'Health Champion'

06 January 2014

Aberystwyth University has recently appointed Michele Presacane as ‘Health Champion’ whose role will be to promote the health and well-being of staff members across the University. The post’s aim will be to address various physical and psychological issues related to health and well-being.

Don’t fear, a new research project focussing on heat, cold or sleep deprivation is all in the name of science

06 January 2014

Dr Rhys Thatcher has been successful in a grant application to continue a project on heat, cold and sleep deprivation, enabling Becky Wale to transfer from MPhil to PhD for a further two years.

Greg Walsh: new PhD student

06 January 2014

Greg Walsh is a new PhD student in the Biomechanics of ageing related to fall risks in the elderly.

Dan Steward and Francesca Lonie: Graduate Interns in the Institute of Human Sciences

06 January 2014

Dan Steward and Francesca Lonie are the new Graduate Interns in the Institute of Human Sciences. Contact them for any help and support for students.