The Department’s alumni are doing fascinating and important work in a range of sectors all around the world. We would like to take advantage of this impressive community by creating an alumni mentoring scheme, and hope that this will be one of the lasting legacies of the Department’s Centenary.

Our idea is to facilitate links between alumni as well as between alumni and current students. The mentoring could take a variety of forms, from providing very targeted advice on a single occasion to a longer-term relationship with regular face-to-face or virtual meetings. Mentoring could help a student or recent graduate get their first job, or support more experienced alumni looking to change direction or move into a senior leadership role.

If you are a graduate of the Department and would like to participate in this scheme, either by offering or receiving mentorship, please email us at

This scheme wishes to be complementary with the new University eMentoring scheme, details of which can be found -