Carr Student Conference on Water Cooperation




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This event is something not to be missed! Bring on a whole day of discussions on topics and problems related to water and water cooperation. Be it environmental concerns or security issues, potential resource wars or Welsh water politics, the possible directions our discussions can take are many fold. You have the opportunity to shape them by sending us your papers, and of course by participating in the conference itself.

The conference is going to take part on

April 27th at 9.30 a.m. in the International Politics Department of Aberystwyth University

This conference from students for students is the first of its kind and a unique opportunity to share your thoughts on a field that is of multidisciplinary relevance. Participants from all departments are welcome.

Carr Student Conference on Water Cooperation

Water is of substantial importance to our very survival and well-being. Lacking access to clean water has constituted one of the most pressing issues in connection to health and security in the past. Furthermore, in the light of population growth and climate change, there is no end or solution to be seen as yet. Much rather, the set of problems associated with water is exacerbating and expanding even further.

The topic is all the more important and current because we live in a highly globalised world. Water access, allocation and services, resource wars and environmental degradation are burning issues of today’s international relations, a fact which global actors like the UN have increasingly come to acknowledge in the course of the last decades.

This conference aims to discuss the intrinsic nature of water as a transversal and universal element. The objective of the conference follows that of the UN Year: to raise awareness on the potential for increased cooperation and the challenges related to it. Relevant areas of discussion include culture, identity, gender, conflict and conflict prevention, ethics, security and environment.  Water cooperation is not only a theme to be associated with the ‘Third World’, but also combines issues closer to home as it has a Welsh-English angle. Also, cooperation is a widely debated topic in the field of theory as well as practice linking the conference theme to a larger context of trust in world politics.


We are looking forward to receiving your paper suggestions for our panels on

  1. Strategic Concerns: Resource wars as the wars of the 21st century?
  2. Theorising Resource Conflicts
  3. Development: Who does what, how and why to help people gain and sustain access to clear water?
  4. Could technological advances and/or policy changes eliminate the threat of water-related conflicts?

Application deadline: 24 April

Paper deadline: 20th April

Each presentation is limited to 5 minutes; we are looking for a maximum of 4 to 5 different papers to start us off. 

The entry fee is 3 pounds; lunch and coffee/tea are included.

The exact program, including guest speakers and further information on the individual papers/panels will be available on this webpage in due time.

For further questions, if you want to send a paper or simply to participate, please contact