International Politics Research Seminar

‌‌‌‌IPRS is one of the key focal points of the Department’s research culture.  This weekly seminar provides a forum for department-wide discussion of ongoing research.  Each seminar focuses on a single issue, with many sessions involving presentations from departmental staff or from distinguished visitors from other universities.  All third year PhD students are also required to make a presentation to the IPRS, which affords an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate progress achieved as well as to receive critical feedback from peers and members of staff. 



IPRS semester 1 2018-19

IPRS schedule 2018-19


IPRS Semester 1 2017-18

IPRS Semester 2 2017-18


IPRS Schedule 2016-2017 Semester Two

IPRS Schedule 2016-2017 Semester One    


IPRS Schedule 2015 2016 Semester Two
IPRS, Semester One, 2011-2012

Previous Years

IPRS, Semester One, 2011-2012
IPRS, Semester Two, 2011-2012
IPRS Semester One, 2010-2011
IPRS Semester Two, 2010-2011

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