DDMI Staff and Interns


Professor Ken Booth kob@aber.ac.uk Honorary President

Dr Jan Ruzicka

jlr@aber.ac.uk Director

Dr Jana Wattenberg

jaw80@aber.ac.uk  Deputy Director 

Professor Andrew Linklater

adl@aber.ac.uk Associate
Dr Kamila Stullerova kas@aber.ac.uk Associate
Dr Jenny Mathers zzk@aber.ac.uk Associate
Dr Rachel Vaughan racheljvaughan@gmail.com Associate

Professor Toni Erskine



Professor Nicholas Wheeler


Dr Vincent Keating keating@sam.sdu.dk Affiliate


Interns 2021-2022

Intern group from left: Wilde Longva, Maisy Venn, Jasneet Samrai and Keon Kang

Intern group at the DDMI Archive from left: Jasneet Samrai, Wilde Longva, Dr Jan Ruzicka (DDMI Director), Maisy Venn and Keon Kang




Maisy Venn I completed my BSc at the LSE where I graduated with first-class honours in International Relations and History. I decided to move back to Wales to complete my MA at Aberystwyth. I’m interested in the relationship between Capital and the International.
Keon Kang I am an undergraduate student from Korea studying for BA International Politics at Aberystwyth. I am glad to assist in a research project on the Non-Proliferation Treaty. My interests include security studies, nuclear weapons, and East Asian international relations.
Jasneet Samrai I am an undergraduate student at Aberystwyth University and am in my second year. I am mainly interested in researching issues of gender within IR and the culture of nuclear weapons.
Wilde Longva Wilde is a graduate student of the MA in War, Strategy and Intelligence and Interpol, writing her dissertation on sexual violence in war and peace. She has previously studies in Israel and the US, and speaks several languages including Arabic and Hebrew.