Alliances and Trust-Building in International Politics

This project develops the rich tradition of research into the question of trust in international politics conducted by the DDMI. The research area was crucially shaped by past DDMI Directors Nicholas J. Wheeler and Ken Booth. The current project builds directly on the work developed by the present DDMI Director Jan Ruzicka and a DDMI Affiliate Vincent C. Keating. Specifically, the project explores the following question: How, and under what conditions, do alliances lead to the establishment of trusting relationships between states?

The project assembles an outstanding, international group of experts focusing on various bilateral relationships within the NATO alliance. The project members are: Ali Bilgic (Bilkent University); Philipp Brugger (University of Tubingen); Raluca Csernatoni (Central European University) John Dumbrell (Durham University); Andreas Hasenclever (University of Tubingen); Lukas Kasten (University of Tubingen); Sten Rynning (University of Southern Denmark); and Aleksandra Zieba (Warsaw University).

The first project meeting was held at the University of Southern Denmark in September 2014. The next meeting is scheduled for June 2015 and will take place in the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University.

The project is kindly supported by the British Academy as part of its BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant scheme.

Relevant Publications

Jan Ruzicka and Vincent C. Keating, ‘Going Global: Trust research and International Relations’, Journal of Trust Research, 5:1, (2015), pp. 8-26.

Vincent C. Keating and Jan Ruzicka, ‘Trusting relationships in international politics: No need to hedge’, Review of International Studies, 40:4, (2014), pp.753-770.