Dr Anwen Elias

BA Hons Cambridge University MA College of Europe, Bruges PhD European University Institute, Florence

Dr Anwen Elias

Reader in Politics

Department Director of Marketing Recruitment & Admissions

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Anwen Elias joined the Department in February 2005. Her research and teaching encompasses European politics, comparative regionalism, nationalism, and political parties and party systems.



Anwen's research is in the broad area of comparative regionalism and nationalism, and has mainly focused on Western Europe. Her work has examined the attitudes of nationalist and regionalist parties towards European integration, as well as the ways in which these parties seek to advance and adapt to processes of constitutional change. Current research projects are focused on territorial politics in times of economic and political crisis (funded by UACES and the Aberystwyth University Research Fund), and the role of regionalist and nationalist parties in achieving political, economic and social justice (Horizon2020 funded project).

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Monday 12.30-1.30
  • Wednesday 12.30-1.30


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