New look Level E

This summer, Level E (2nd floor) of the Hugh Owen Library will be changing.

We will be moving staff and student spaces around to create a larger student space and more study spaces in the southwest corner of the library. The new student study area will have views over the town to the sea and will include 6 new group study rooms.


  • Level E and the area which will be expanded in the red circle. This area will be unavailable from 7th June


EL6 Computer Room Closing

As part of the changes, some IS staff will be relocating to EL6, the computer room on Level E, changing this space permanently to a staff space. This room will close on May 20th to allow any noisy work to get underway when term ends.

  • Level E EL6 computer room marked with the red cross. This room will close on 20th


The new look Level E will be ready for the new academic year in September 2024.


Find your way around the Hugh Owen Library with the online Library Floor Map