Opening Hours

Aber Card

You need to bring your Aber Card to enter and to leave the Library and to borrow items

  • Please report lost cards to Information Services immediately.
  • If an error message appears when you scan your Aber Card on the self-issue machines (such as 'invalid card'), Campus Services staff will not be able to offer assistance. Check your library account online; if your fines total over £5.00, this will prevent you from borrowing or renewing items and you will be given the option to pay these online via credit or debit card. If you have overdue items, this can block your account and these books will need to be returned to the Library before you can borrow or renew other items.
  • If a book you are carrying triggers an alarm, staff will call you back. Check your borrowing receipt to make sure your books have been checked out properly; if not, try to check out the item again. If the alarm still sounds, you will need to leave the book with staff.
  • We will make sure that Library printers are filled with paper before Information Services staff leave each day. Printers/copiers that run out of paper or have a printer jam, will not be able to be fixed during self-service hours.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

Using study spaces

Please be considerate to other users and make sure that your working area is clear and tidy when you use the Library. Make sure you do not leave any personal possessions in the Library when you leave the building as we accept no responsibility for items left unattended.

During exam term, study space is at a premium. Please use a locker to keep your belongings secure and to store books you have on loan if you need to move away from your study space for some time. Your cooperation in sharing study spaces is appreciated.

Food and Drink

Our aim is to work with you to provide a comfortable and quiet environment to study in. For more information of noise and food / drink regulations in the libraries please see 

Those who disregard these regulations will be asked to leave.

Your wellbeing

We offer 24-hour opening during termtimes so that we can support your studies, whatever hours you choose to keep. However, just because the Library is open for you to use overnight, doesn't mean that you should study around the clock. Please make sure you take regular breaks and get enough sleep. 

If you are leaving the Library late at night, be aware of your personal safety when travelling home.


Behind the scenes, Library cleaning staff work hard to ensure the Library is a clean and tidy place for you to study in. The majority of cleaning work goes on early in the morning each day.

Please be aware that cleaning may cause some disruption to users; please be patient as this work is necessary to make the Library a pleasant environment for all and please be careful of trailing power cables from vacuum cleaners.