Thomas Parry Library - Summer 2018

In August 2018, The Thomas Parry Library on Llanbadarn Campus will be closing, and materials there will be transferred over to Hugh Owen Library. 

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Why is Thomas Parry Library Closing?

As part of a review of the estates strategy, the University has taken the decision to consolidate all full-time, undergraduate classroom teaching on Penglais Campus by September 2018, as well as office accommodation for all Business, Law and iMLA staff currently based in Llanbadarn.  As a result, we will need to locate the Library materials which support these areas over to our Hugh Owen Library in time for teaching to begin.

When will Thomas Parry Library be closing?

The library’s last day of opening will be on Friday 10th August 2018

When will you be moving the stock over to Hugh Owen?

We will begin the move on Monday 13th August 2018 and hope to have it completed in 5 days, that is by 17th August.

How long will material be unavailable?

We are aiming to have the time that material is out of circulation limited to around 2 hours.  If you want anything from our Thomas Parry Library Collection after the library has closed, but before it has arrived in Hugh Owen, then you can request it and we should be able to retrieve it for you.  Once it is on the shelves at Hugh Owen Library, you should be able to borrow or use it as normal. 

How will we know where to find things?

The library catalogue will be updated with the new location as we go along, and we will have floorplans available of the new layout.  Given the influx of new material the layout in Hugh Owen Library will need to change.

What changes will there be to the layout?

  • The Celtic Collection will move to Level F
  • Level F main collection will be rearranged to run in classification order
  • Journals/Periodicals will form a distinct collection on the appropriate floor
  • Science will remain on Level E
  • Legal research tools, law reports and legislation will be adjacent to class ‘K’ (law), forming the law section of the library


Where will the material from Thomas Parry Library go?

We are planning for this material to form part of the collection on Level F, in the appropriate place in the sequence, with Journals shelved separately.  The Law Reference Collection will be shelved in a separate sequence adjacent to the Law books.

What about the facilities at Thomas Parry? Will they be transferring to Hugh Owen?

We are investigating options to create additional facilities at Hugh Owen to accommodate the needs of students who previously used our Thomas Parry Library, including group study rooms, PCs and locker space, all of which will be available 24/7 during term time.

Do you have enough room in Hugh Owen Library?

Yes, we have been planning for this move for some time and have enough room for all the materials which will come over from Thomas Parry Library.  Over the next few weeks, some of the stock within Hugh Owen Library will begin to move location as we prepare the shelves to ensure that the material from Thomas Parry will be able to be slotted in and we ensure a balance between shelving and user space. From 4th June to 17th August, the seating around the perimeter of Level F will be unavailable for study as we move the collections, however we hope to keep the glazed study carrels available during this time.  We will keep you up to date with any major changes on our blog  however, if there is something you can’t find during the Summer period, let us know either via the Enquiry Desk or email