Record Keeping Procedure for Personal Tutors

The record-keeping procedure outlines the correct procedure to adhere to when conducting Personal Tutor meetings with students.  The procedure covers the information that should, and should not be recorded on the Aladdin database in line with Aberystwyth University’s Data Protection Policies.  The guidelines should be reviewed annually, and discussed with the Personal Tutor Student Success Plan group.

The guidelines ensure all parties involved adhere to the ethical and confidentiality rules stated by the University.

Correct Procedure to follow during Personal Tutor Meetings:

  • Record notes of all scheduled (including non-attendance) meetings on the Aladdin dashboard under the appropriate student.
  • Wherever possible make the notes in the student’s presence (either draft notes on paper or directly onto the system). Ensure the notes are transferred to the Aladdin dashboard as soon as possible.
  • Keep the notes factual and objective at all times.
  • A student has the right to request and view any data recorded about them.  
  • All students will have online access to the notes and data recorded about them on the Aladdin dashboard.
  • Record details of any signposting advice given to the student (e.g. to Student Support, GP, etc.).

Content that is to not be recorded in the notes made during a Personal Tutor Meeting:

  • Do not write and make recommendations beyond your role description (e.g. making clinical statements about mental health, etc.)
  • Wherever possible, do not include third party personal data (e.g. details about other students or identifiable individuals).
  • Do not include unnecessary detail, particularly where sensitive personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act) is concerned.  
  • Retain copies of notes (either electronically or in hard copy) even after the information is recorded on Aladdin


February 2017 (Reviewed 28/07/2017)