Use of the Aberystwyth University network

The Aberystwyth University computing network is part of JANET – the UK’s education and research network.

All use of the network is bound by the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and the Information Services Regulations. You should familiarise yourself with what these contain.

Computing facilities are provided to authorised Aberystwyth University users in support of the academic aims of the University. A limited amount of non-academic use is permitted as a privilege to our users as long as it does not:

  • break the law
  • contravene the JANET Acceptable Use Policy
  • use amounts of bandwidth or network resources that could compromise the legitimate academic use of the network by other users
  • compromise the security of the network or other users
  • breach copyright in any way
  • infringe upon the personal privacy of individuals
  • divert staff time away from supporting the academic use of the network
  • disturb or prevent others from using the facilities for the academic purpose for which they are provided

Specific activity that is NOT allowed

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) - illegal file sharing
  • Network scanning
  • Using webcams covertly or to show the activities of identifiable individuals without their consent
  • Accessing offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material
  • Sending unsolicited (spam) bulk emails
  • Sending nuisance, offensive or defamatory emails
  • Posting nuisance, offensive or defamatory material on the web and social networking sites

Information Services have a responsibility to ensure that the JANET Acceptable Use Policy is adhered to and reserve the right to alter network configurations to facilitate this and remove privileged access where necessary.

Computer security

When connecting your device to our network, it is essential that you ensure your computer is free from virus attacks, hacking or misuse by a third party. Computers connected to the University network that are infected with a virus or compromised in any way are automatically disconnected.

You must:

Student Network Fair Usage Guidelines

Although Aberystwyth University is part of the high-speed JANET network that links UK universities to the Internet there is still a physical limit to the network connection available to us. To ensure all users enjoy the best service, whatever the demands on the network, we operate a fair usage policy on the Student Network, which includes halls and wireless.

Network traffic monitoring has shown us that it is often a small number of users of the Student Network who are responsible for using most of the capacity. Those using more than their 'fair share' impact on the service available to other users of the network. People using real time applications such as telephony, webcams and games notice this most as they will experience occasional dropouts or delays.

Information Services reserves the right to impose a quota limit at any time in order to ensure the optimum possible service for all users. The Fair Usage Policy, by reducing the bandwidth used by this small number of people, will mean an improved service for all.

Disciplinary Actions

Misuse of information and communications technology at Aberystwyth University is treated extremely seriously.
Action will be taken against anyone involved in misuse under Information Services regulations (penalties may include blocking access to the network and/or fines), the University’s disciplinary procedures and, where illegal activity is suspected, individuals may be reported to the Police.

These Regulations are maintained by Information Services, were last reviewed in June 2022 and are due for review in December 2022