Why study Mathematics?

Building on over 150 years of teaching excellence

As a student in the Department of Mathematics you will be taught the essential disciplines of algebra, calculus and mathematical analysis.

As your interests develop, you may then select further classes from a broad range of topics in mathematics and statistics. Our lecturers are committed teachers and active researchers, expanding the boundaries of mathematical knowledge. We aim to create a friendly, open and welcoming environment in which students are able to reach their full mathematical potential.

Areas of mathematics and statistics in which we have particular expertise, and which often feature in our modules, include topology, operator algebras, spectral theory, the geometry of the complex plane, integral equations, asymptotic methods, quantum information, and biological statistics.

In addition to our popular degree schemes focussing purely on mathematics and statistics, many students choose to combine mathematics or statistics with another subject, and we offer a wide choice of joint honours combinations.

For more general information, take a look at our flyer about Mathematics at Aberystwyth, or click here for our Mathematics brochure.

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Studying Mathematics

Mathematics represents one of the supreme achievements of the human mind. The subject has fascinated thinkers throughout the ages, from the ancient civilisations of five thousand years ago to the present day. It is an evolving, living discipline; the boundaries of mathematics have expanded beyond the geometry and number theory of the Greeks and the algebra of the early Indians and of Islam.

Mathematics was called "the Queen of the Sciences" by one of its greatest practitioners, Carl Friedrich Gauss. This is more true today than ever before; mathematics has invaded the territories of all scientific subjects. Science without mathematics is unthinkable.

The Course List gives further details of the undergraduate Mathematics degrees on offer at Aberystwyth University. The majority of our students choose to follow a Three Year BSc or Four Year MMath scheme in Mathematics, in which the full range of options remain open to you throughout your undergraduate career. Others elect to concentrate on two of the three sub-disciplines of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics. We also offer a Mathematics Degree with a Foundation Year for those who lack the usual entry qualifications.

Some students will have a clear career goal in mind and will find our bespoke schemes in Financial Mathematics, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, or Data Science of interest. The teaching is shared with colleagues in the Business School, and the departments of Physics and Computer Science respectively, allowing you to follow a carefully-tailored programme of study in these important subjects.

We are also pleased to offer flexible combined schemes, both as Joint Honours and Major/Minor degrees. In this case you would spend part of your time studying mathematics and the rest of your time immersed in a different subject such as Physics, Education or a language.