About the Centre

Photo of people playing flutes in an orchestraIf you are interested in playing, singing or simply listening, check out the Music Centre to see what’s on offer. There’s plenty going on – so don't miss out!

A great musical life is one of the strengths of Aberystwyth and the University. The close-knit character of the place really makes things happen. Generations of students have discovered the special quality of music here. Aber is a good place to study. It's a good place to live. It's a very special place for music.

The University Music Centre promotes a wide-ranging programme for performers and listeners. Based in Old College, the Centre has practice and teaching rooms. It has numerous pianos, a two-manual electronic organ, harp, harpsichord and chamber organ, as well as percussion and other instruments. The Music Library houses a large sheet-music collection with particularly strong holdings of chamber and orchestral music. Music books can be found in the Hugh Owen Library - and, of course, the enormous resources of the National Library of Wales are close at hand. Some residential halls have pianos and facilities for individual and group practice.

Our History

The history of music at Aberystwyth is long and distinguished. Well over a century ago the University College established one of Britain's first music departments. Initially under Professor Joseph Parry, the musical life of the College developed and by the 1920s, Aberystwyth had become a significant musical focal point. Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Holst were among many great musicians who held special affections for the place.

Music degrees are no longer offered by the University but we still appreciate the importance of a vital musical life – after all, music matters.