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Mr Stephen Crabb MP.

Mr Stephen Crabb MP.

24 February 2012

Mr Stephen Crabb, Conservative MP for Pembrokeshire and Assistant Government Whip, will be discussing the impact of EU aid on domestic politics and policies during the challenging circumstances of the Eurozone crisis, at the Centre for European Studies in Aberystwyth University on Friday 2 March 2012.

The lecture, entitled ‘The case of EU aid in an age of austerity’ takes place at 2p.m. in the Main Hall of the International Politics Building on the University’s Penglais campus.

Stephen Crabb was re-elected as MP for Pembrokeshire in May 2010. Before he worked as a marketing consultant, and for the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In Parliament he has served on the Welsh Affairs, International Development and Treasury Select Committees. In January 2009 he was appointed to the frontbench as Opposition Whip.

Following the formation of the Coalition Government in May 2010 he was appointed as an Assistant Government Whip.

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