Human evolution

Professor Trauth.

Professor Trauth.

27 September 2012

Dr Martin H Trauth, Professor of Paleoclimate Dynamics at the University of Potsdam will give a public lecture on 'Human evolution in a variable environment: the amplifier lakes of Eastern Africa' at Aberystwyth on Monday 1 October.

Hosted by the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, the lecture will take place at 6.30 p.m. in the Main Hall in the International Politics Building.

An eminent Earth scientist who has worked on various aspects of reconstructing and modelling the Earths’ past climate changes for over two decades, Professor Trauth will provide a fascinating insight into the influence of environmental changes on human evolution.

He will focus in particular on the development of the Cenozoic East African Rift System (EARS) which has profoundly re-shaped the landscape and significantly increased the amplitude of short-term environmental response to climate variation.

The development of amplifier lakes in Rift basins after three million years ago has significantly contributed to the exceptional sensitivity of east Africa to climate change compared to elsewhere on the African continent and consequently may have become the place where early humans evolved.

A warm welcome to all.