Aberystwyth student wins St John Cymru-Wales Young Adult of the Year

Nathan Hazelhurst, St John Cymru-Wales Young Adult of the Year

Nathan Hazelhurst, St John Cymru-Wales Young Adult of the Year

04 February 2015

Aberystwyth University postgraduate student Nathan Hazlehurst has won the St John Cymru-Wales’ Young Adult of the Year award.

Nathan, who is currently studying for an MA at the Department of International Politics, was presented with the accolade at the St John Cymru-Wales Youth Awards in Cardiff on Sunday 1 February.

Speaking after the award, Nathan said: “The award is still sinking in. I was amazed to have been nominated for it, and was shocked to be told that I was shortlisted. I had never been to Headquarters before, so being interviewed by a lead trustee and two directors was a daunting experience.

“I hope that I can utilise the award to help other young adults within the organisation, as I feel that without the work of the other young adults in both Town and LINKS (the University’s Dt John division), I would not have been in a position to be nominated”, he added.

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Students and Staff Services, Rebecca Davies, congratulated Nathan on his award. “I am delighted that St John Cymru-Wales have awarded Nathan the title of Young Person of the Year for 2015, and have appointed him as Youth Ambassador. I have seen on numerous occasions and during difficult and testing times such as last year’s storms, Nathan’s outstanding commitment to our students, staff and community. I am personally grateful and proud to work alongside Nathan, he truly deserves this accolade.”

Nathan joined St John at Aberystwyth University during Fresher’s week 2011, initially in the University’s LINKS division.

“I joined St John because I had seen them in action back home, and wanted to help other people. I also wanted to gain new skills, and meet a different group of people from my flatmates and other students on my course.”

He is currently the Duty Officer for St John Cymru-Wales Aberystwyth Town Division.

This involves organising duty cover for any event that is requested, completing pre-event paperwork and being in operational command of the duty on the day.

He is also the main contact point for the statutory emergency services, to discuss joint working on large-scale duties, and contingency support when required.

Nathan is also a trainer and assessor for the organisation, providing training and assessment to members of the division and LINKS division, as well as training the public on community courses.

Nathan graduate from the Department of International Politics in 2014 and is currently studying for an MA in International History.

He hopes to go on to study for a PhD in British Emergency Planning, Resilience and Response to terrorist incidents since the 1980s, at the Department of International Politics.

In the meantime, he plans to continue with his St John training.

He is booked on a Patient Transport Attendant course in May, and eventually hopes to go for his Emergency Transport Attendant training, and work closely with the emergency services and University, to ensure that students and locals get the best possible Pre-Hospital Emergency Care.