Prestigious postdoctoral placement at Princeton for Aberystwyth University Mathematics postgraduate

Christian Arenz

Christian Arenz

13 May 2016

Christian Arenz, who recently completed his PhD in the Department of Mathematics at Aberystwyth University, has been offered a prestigious position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University (USA).

Christian began his academic career in Saarbrücken University (Germany) and graduated with a degree in Physics and Religion in 2012.

He received a Doctoral Career Development Scholarship from Aberystwyth University in 2013, and embarked on his PhD studies under the supervision of Dr Daniel Burgarth in the Quantum Structures, Information and Control Group within the Department of Mathematics.

One of four prominent research groups within the Department of Mathematics, the Quantum Structures, Information and Control Group works in the area of quantum systems in interaction with their environment, and in particular the emergent field of quantum control engineering.

Christian’s research involved analyzing the control of open quantum systems using methods from control theory.

Christian’s work at Aberystwyth has enabled him to continue his career at Princeton University, which is currently placed 7th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings list.  His Postdoctoral Fellowship will commence on 1 June 2016.

Christian said: “I’m very excited to be going to America to work at such a place with a great tradition, studying with leading experts. The work builds on the work I’ve done here in Aberystwyth. I’ve enjoyed my PhD, my time here and the lovely environment.”

At Princeton he will study Quantum Control, the external control of a quantum system by lasers.  His work will include developing a mathematical model to steer a complex system towards a desired outcome, investigating strategies for using noisy dynamics as a resource in the control of quantum systems, as well as studying the growing field of quantum computation.

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