Services for Business

Companies can tap into the vast pool of expertise available at Aberystwyth University by arranging for consultancy work to be undertaken by an appropriate expert.  The chosen specialist(s) can investigate specific problems and provide expert opinion and advice. 

As part of a comprehensive service, the RBI team can help you identify the academic expertise that you require, facilitate the consultancy and ensure that confidentiality and intellectual property are protected.  All our consultancy work is carried out to the highest professional standards. 


Our Range of Services and Knowledge Exchange Centres/ Hubs

Dialogue Centre

Enterprise & Knowledge Exchange Hub

National Spectrum Centre (at proposal stage)



Green Futures Innovation Park (at proposal stage)

Rural Futures Hub

Worlds We Want Hub

AI Enabled World Hub


Offering Consultancy Services 

The University is committed to making expertise available to local, regional, national and international client companies by way of offering consultancy services. 

There are many benefits of staff undertaking consultancy including: 

  • building links with public and private organisations 
  • providing a conduit for feedback into research and teaching 
  • personal development 

If you are an Aberystwyth Staff Member and have been approached about providing Consultancy Services, click here to learn more about the process at AU.  

To find out more about the consultancy services offered please contact: 

Chris Heidt, Contracts Manager -

Consultancy Services at Aberystwyth University