135. Towards a million Welsh speakers? Language policy and planning in Wales
Dr Elin Royles, Dr Huw Lewis, Dr Catrin Wyn Edwards


Reflecting the growing political significance of cultural diversity, public policy interventions that seek to revitalise the prospects of regional or minority languages have become an increasingly prominent in many parts of the world.

Recent research by Dr Huw Lewis, Dr Elin Royles and Dr Catrin Edwards at Aberystwyth’s Department of International Politics has focused on analysing the different approaches to language revitalisation that have been adopted by sub-state governments across Europe and North America.

Based on this research, between August 2016 and July 2017, they were able to inform and influence the policy discussion that fed into the preparation of the Welsh Government’s ambitious national language strategy, Cymraeg 2050: A Million Welsh Speakers, published in July 2017.

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