Language Policy
Dr Huw Lewis, Dr Elin Royles, Dr Catrin Wyn Edwards


Our research is located in the interdisciplinary field of language policy studies. Recent work has focused on analysing policy interventions by European sub-state governments aimed at revitalising regional and minority languages.

In looking at language revitalisation strategies, key findings include the importance of taking greater account of the implications of social changes such as the increase in levels of personal mobility, the rise in networked forms of social interaction and the decline in significance of local and territorially-based communities.

A balance also needs to be struck between the challenge of increasing the absolute number of minority language speakers and increasing social use of the language.

Findings arising from the research have been shared widely with public officials and policy makers, and they informed and influenced the policy discussions leading to the formulation of the Welsh Government’s latest national language strategy, Cymraeg 2050: A Million Welsh Speakers, published in July 2017. The research continues to inform work on language policy here in Wales as well as in other European cases.

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