Research Equipment

University Catalogue

Aberystwyth University has an extensive range of research equipment and facilities; we have a strong history of collaboration with both national and international institutions and companies. We would like to foster these relationships by making our research infrastructure available for use or hire.

Aberystwyth University has set up an ongoing project to produce and maintain a central catalogue of our research equipment and facilities.

The catalogue enables:

  • Researchers to identify existing resources which can be included in support of research bids.
  • The fostering of a culture of sharing; to improve resource efficiency.
  • The opening of our equipment and facilities to the wider world; allowing new cooperation with industry, institutions, and other areas of the global economy.

The catalogue aims to get the best possible value and use from our existing equipment, while avoiding the waste of duplication.

The Aberystwyth University catalogue is held within our Current Research Information System (CRIS): PURE.

It is available to view here.


UK Catalogue

Aberystwyth University also contributes to the UK national research equipment catalogue; is a one-stop-shop for accessing UK wide research equipment within any contributing institution. It provides a simple portal to access these catalogues and aims to improve efficiency and stimulate collaboration.

We have achieved gold compliance with their standards by making our catalogue as freely discoverable and searchable as possible.

The Aberystwyth contribution to the national catalogue is publicly searchable on the website