Collaborations can strengthen research outcomes, foster robust knowledge exchange and produce impactful results. 

A new funding programme for 2024:

AberCollab is a new funding and training programme created as part of Aberystwyth University’s 2023-2028 Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

AberCollab aims to help researchers build and strengthen collaborations and share knowledge effectively to support innovation and impact. These collaborations can occur at all stages of the research process, including idea generation, emerging and active research, research programme expansion (scaling up), and research uptake (knowledge exchange and impact).

About the Programme

Abercollab will provide training and financial support of up to £2500 for collaborative workshops and networking events intended to facilitate intellectual and creative collaboration between AU researchers and external partners. To optimize these opportunities, AberCollab awardees will also receive additional coaching by the Dialogue Centre and access to content writers, graphic designers, and logistical support.

The programme is funded by the Higher Education Council for Wales (HEFCW) through the Research Research Wales Innovation Strategy.

The programme includes:

  • 2,500 to support a collaboration workshop or event.
  • 1 day in-person training workshop on 17 April 2024.
  • Event communications and promotion support. This includes support with producing materials (such as infographics and briefing papers) for the workshops and networking events.
  • A wrap-up lunch on 10 July 2024 with fellow awardees, hosted by the Dialogue Centre.

Apply by 25 March 2024 (4pm)

Send your completed application to drbi@aber.ac.uk

Download the application form: AberCollab Application Form

Find out more: 

If there are any queries or if you wish to discuss potential ideas for a workshop or an events, please email resstaff@aber.ac.uk