Research Ethics Assessment & Application System

The University has introduced a new online ethical review system, replacing all existing paper-based forms. The system should be used by all members of the University, including Staff, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students, who will be conducting research.

 The online system has two main stages, which will allow researchers to:

  1. Submit an assessment of the ethical considerations of their research, to their department for review.
  2. Submit an application to the relevant Research Ethics Panel (REP), should the assessment and department require it.

The system will also allow staff to review assessments that have been submitted to the department.

 You can access the online system HERE

All research proposals must be assessed - the form will be forwarded onto the department for consideration as to whether an application should be made to the relevant Research Ethics Panel (REP).

  • Students should consult with their Supervisor, Dissertation module co-ordinator or other appropriate person when considering the ethics their proposal.
  • Similarly, Staff may wish to consult with their Faculty/Departmental Director of Research.

It is important to note that research involving animals follows a separate procedure, more information on this can be found here: Animal Research Ethics


 You should familiarise yourself with the guidance and support available here, before accessing the online system: Research Ethics at Aberystwyth