Research Ethics Panel (REP)

If your research project requires further ethical review, this will be carried out by the Research Ethics Panel (REP).

The Panel sits independently and is of a multidisciplinary nature - comprising of academic and professional service staff, student representatives and independent members. The Panel conducts its review in line with the following guiding ethical principles: 

  • Respect for the rights, safety and well-being of all human participants and animals
  • Respect for other cultures, values, traditions and the environment around us
  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times

The work of an ethics committee does not associate itself with the avoidance of high-risk research and should therefore not be considered as a barrier, but rather as a facilitative, consultative and enriching process. If any researchers wish to discuss a potential research idea or project, then please do contact the Research Ethics Unit.

Making an application to the Research Ethics Panel

The Ethics Unit is happy to advise on draft applications before they are submitted, however, it is important that you work in advance of the respective deadline in order to allow us sufficient time to provide any comments and suggestions.

Once you're ready to submit, please ensure that your completed 'Research Ethics Panel' application is sent via email to no later than 10 days prior to the appropriate meeting date.

Once submitted, a 'completeness check' will be carried out to ensure that the application is ready for review. If an application is late or incomplete, it may be deferred to the next Panel meeting. If you are unsure whether your application is complete, please work in advance of the 10 day deadline.

A decision will usually be granted on the day of the meeting.


Please see the Research Ethics Framework for full details on the review process. Alternatively, please contact or call us on 01970 621694

 If you require urgent ethical approval (i.e. approval outside of the Panel meeting dates), please contact with an explanation as to why this is necessary. We cannot guarantee review outside of Panel meeting dates.



Research Ethics Panel (REP) meetings


Wednesday 25th October (paperwork deadline  13th   October)

Wednesday 29th   November (paperwork deadline 17th  November)

Wednesday  31st  January (paperwork deadline 19th  January)

Wednesday 28th   February (paperwork deadline 16th  February)

Wednesday 27th   March (paperwork deadline 15th   March)

Wednesday 24th  April (paperwork deadline  12th April)

Wednesday 29th  May (paperwork deadline 17th  May)

Wednesday 26th   June  (paperwork deadline 14th   June)

Wednesday 31st  July (paperwork deadline 19th   July)