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Tell Us NowWith your input, we can work together to deliver an outstanding student experience for everyone. Please tell us what we are doing well, what you’d like us to improve on, and what our priorities for improvement should be. Your feedback is vital to help us keep improving the student experience at Aberystwyth.

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Students are informed when submitting a comment that we reserve the right to redact or not respond to comments that are deemed to be unacceptable. Comments may be unacceptable if they are aggressive, abusive, threatening, unnecessarily personal or emotionally damaging.

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The originators IP address is logged as part of this process and/or if you are off-campus you will be required to sign-in. Whilst this information is logged we will treat this submission as anonymous. However, if your name is given then the submission will not be treated as anonymous and we will share names where they are mentioned. Any data with us may be shared with other departments in the University to investigate and / or resolve any issues identified.