Undergraduate Issues


Special Circumstances:  Please make sure you let your department(s) know of any special circumstances (medical, personal etc) which might affect your performance in Semester Two in plenty of time and BEFORE the meetings of examination boards.  You should do this by completing a “Special Circumstances Form” which you can obtain from your department, as a link from your Student Record on the Web or at the following web address:

https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/aqro/handbook/taught-schemes/.  Students must submit the special circumstances form to their academic department(s) along with any supporting evidence.    It is much harder to get your module marks amended once they have been agreed by departmental and Senate examination boards.

Examination Timetable:  Please ensure you check the examination timetable and turn up at the right place and the correct time.  Misreading the timetable is not a valid excuse for absence and you may fail the year as a whole as a consequence.

Semester Two Results:  After the Examining Board have confirmed student marks your results will appear on Student Record after 10am on the following dates:

  • All final year students:                       Thursday 29 June
  • All other students:                              Thursday 6 July

Summer Resit Assessment in August

It is essential you check your results and your Summer Resit Assessment task for modules you have been automatically registered to resit and for any modules in which you have the option to resit.  Some students will need to register for resits in August therefore it is important you check your Summer Resit Assessment task to see your options if you have any.  The task is normally available the day your results are released for two weeks.   

Students expecting their final degree certificate must ensure their home address is correct as this will be the address used to send the degree certificate.  Please ensure that this information is correct by no later than 20 June 2023

Information for Undergraduates

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