Your Loan and Your Student Visa

The required proof of your funds will be issued to you by Aberystwyth University after your loan has been approved and originated.  You will be able to use this, together with the letter of acceptance from the University, the CAS number issued by the University, our University's Sponsor's License Number, and proof of your qualifications, to apply for your (adult) UK Student Visa.  further information about this process can be found at   

N.B.  the dates specified on your CAS will be as follows:

  • Bachelors students: 3 or 4 academic years (dependent on the length of the programme) to 30th June (final year)
  • Masters students: 1 calendar year to 30th September (N.B. Applicable to taught Masters and MPhil students)
  • PhD students: 4 calendar years from date of commencement (the UK Visas & Immigration would be informed of early completion)

N.B. Aberystwyth University can issues CASs 3 months before the proposed course start date. Students can only submit their visa applications using their CAS within a 90-day period before their proposed course start date.