Photo of Amal Aqilah Binti AriffinAmal Aqilah Binti Ariffin

BSc Econ Marketing

1.Why did you choose to study at Aberystwyth?

I chose this university mainly because Aberystwyth offers one of the few universities which accept a 2nd year entry of the degree scheme. The university also offers the course which is equivalent to my qualification and going to this university is like taking another step for me to complete my study in the desired degree course. I also chose to study in Aberystwyth because it was listed among top 50 universities in the guardian university guide (2011).

2.What are your impressions of the course, teaching staff and the department?

Marketing is a fun and interesting course, it gives me the opportunity to learn more of the business and marketing environment and provide me with a strong platform in dealing with the businesses across global multi-culture that requires a unique strategy to achieve the business goals.

From my experience, the teaching staffs have been really nice and approachable. They are always there to help you and treat everyone as equal. They understand the cultural background of international students and this makes us comfortable and enabling us communicating with them with confident and respect.

3.What do you think of the University in general?

I am very happy with my decision to come to Aberystwyth, I think the university is one of the great place to study in the UK. It’s a very international university and you make friends with people from other countries. The facilities are well adequate, great library and communal facilities at different parts of the accommodation. There is even a cinema and a theatre on campus. I think Aberystwyth University is great even if it is in a small town.

4.What do you think of Aberystwyth, the town, people and area?

Aberystwyth is a very peaceful town. The town is so friendly and it is such a pleasing experience to be here, learning about its distinctive culture and language. The one thing that is known for Aberystwyth is its seafront scenery. It’s fun strolling along the beautiful beach with a breath taking view of the ocean.

5.Would you recommend studying at Aber to other international students?

Yes, I would recommend other international students to study at Aberystwyth University because of the peaceful and hospitable environment which makes new students easy to adapt to life in UK.

6.Any other comments?

I find the cost of living in Aberystwyth is relative low and the environment which is quiet and peaceful offers a good place to study. On top of this, the course fee is also relatively low and couple with the quality teaching as well as the availability of good facilities, I feel so far I have no regret in studying at Aberystwyth University.