Aberystwyth Equality Champions

Aberystwyth Equality Champions

rightThe Equality Champions Network meets 6 times a year for discussion of current issues and the sharing of best practise, as well as disseminating information about events and training in the university. There is a Voluntary Job Role (which can be found HERE) and named individuals are shown below. If you are interested in filling one of the vacancies shown - or from an area that isn't listed, please contact Ruth Fowler, Communications and Equalities Officer  to discuss on ruf@aber.ac.uk. We ask that Champions attend 4 of the 6 meetings and be available as a contact for queries and signposting to staff and students throughout the University.

Equality Champion Name 



Ruth Fowler Human Resources ruf@aber.ac.uk 
Rebecca Kularatne  Human Resources  rlk@aber.ac.uk
Claire Risley  Trade Union rep clr25@aber.ac.uk 
Bev Jones IBERS bvj@a ber.ac.uk 
Megan Talbot Law met15@aber.ac.uk
Kylie Evans Marketing and Recruitment kyh@aber.ac.uk
John Gough IMPACS jug@aber.ac.uk
Nia Edwards Behi Arts Centre nie@aber.ac.uk 
Alison Salter Students Union Trading als@aber.ac.uk 
Meinir Davies IMPACS met@aber.ac.uk 
Suzy Shipman IS sfs@aber.ac.uk
Marie Neal RBI man15@aber.ac.uk
Nerys Fuller-love IBL nnf@aber.ac.uk
Sarah Taylor Planning Office srt@aber.ac.uk
Philip John Garratt SOfA pjg@aber.ac.uk
Tristam Irvine-Fynn Geography tdi@aber.ac.uk
Joanne Hiatt Careers Service jeb@aber.ac.uk
Kate Wright IS kaw@aber.ac.uk
Debra Croft  CWPSI dec@aber.ac.uk
Angharad Shaw IMPACS ais@aber.ac.uk 
Balazs Pinter IMPACS bap@aber.ac.uk
Iona Wyn Holloway  Campus Services iih@aber.ac.uk 
John Harrington Student Support Services oih@aber.ac.uk
Eva De Visscher DARO evd@aber.ac.uk