Prof Birgit Beumers

Prof Birgit Beumers

Emeritus Professor

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'Waiting for change': Sergei solov'ev and the dreams of the young generationBeumers, B., 2017 , Ruptures and Continuities in Soviety/Russian Cinema: Styles, characters and genres before and after the collapse of the USSR. Beumers, B. & Zvonkine, E. (eds.). Taylor & Francis, p. 51-6717 p.
Ruptures and Continuities in Soviet/Russian CinemaBeumers, B. & Zvonkine, E., 2017 , Taylor & Francis. 242 p.
Bleep and ***: Speechless ProtestBeumers, B., 2017 , Cultural Forms of Protest in Russia. Beumers, B., Etkind, A., Gurova, O. & Turoma, S. (eds.). Taylor & Francis, p. 160-179 (Routledge Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe Series).
Aleksandr Sokurov: Russian ArkBeumers, B., 2016 , Intellect. 112 p. (KinoSputniks)
Les anniversaires de la victoire: les reflets de la Grande guerre patriotique à l’écran entre 2005 et 2015.Beumers, B., 2016 , Le cinéma russe contemporain, (r)évolutions. Zvonkine, E. (ed.). Armand Colin
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