Dr Dafydd Sills-Jones BA (Hons), PgDip, PhD, PGCTHE, FHEA

Dr Dafydd Sills-Jones

Lecturer in Media Production Cultures

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Dafydd specialises in the history and theory of television and documentary film. Before returning to University to study for a PhD he worked in media production for ten years as a researcher, director and producer. He is currently researching the development of the Verite documentary in the 1990s, the beginnings of interactive television and contemporary documentary film practice.

Additional Information

Founding Member and Trustee: Wales Documentary Network - www.dogfen.net

Moderator and Host: Docpoint Film festival, Helsinki - www.docpoint.info

PhD Examiner: Anglia Ruskin University (2013), Salford University (2015); Aalto University, Helsinki (2015)

External Examiner: BSc Communications at University of Wales (MIT Cairo, 2014); BA Film Production, University of Suffolk (2014-); BA Film Production, University of Worcester (2016-); MA Documentary Practice, University of Ulster (2015-).

External Degree Validator: Southampton Solent University (2011); University of South Wales (2015)

Research Associate: The Science Museum, London (2012)

Executive Board Member: 'Cyfrwng' Peer-Reviewed Journal (2011-)

External Book Proposal Reviewer: Bloomsbury US (2012); Routledge (2015)



Media Production Studies The European Documentary Tradition Contemporary Documentary Film Practice Filmmaking as Research



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