Dr Lara Kipp PhD, MA, BA(Hons)

Dr Lara Kipp

Lecturer in Theatre and Scenography

Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies

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Lara Maleen Kipp is an early career researcher, scenographer, and theatre practitioner. Her PhD at Aberystwyth University engaged in an aesthetic analysis of Howard Barker’s scenography. Previously, she completed a Master’s degree in Practising Theatre & Performance and a joint BA (Hons) Scenography & Theatre Design and Drama & Theatre Studies. Her work experiences include Vivienne Westwood Studios, the Salzburg Opera Festival, and a lectureship at the University of Derby. She has published with Intellect, De Gruyter, Palgrave Macmillan, Sorbonne University, and Taylor & Francis. Her research interests include scenography, voice and performance, and contemporary European Theatre. She is a native speaker of German and English, and currently learning Welsh.

She works part-time as Lecturer in Scenography and Theatre at Aberystwyth University.


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