Workshops Summer 2019


Explore the solar system (Approx. 1 hour). Pupils will use VR headsets to explore the solar system and consider its scale. 

Build your own planet (Approx. 1 hour). Pupils will have the opportunity to design their own planet. They will be encouraged to consider the star the planet orbits, whether the planet is rocky or a gas giant, and whether there is any life present.

Parasite Fantastic (Approx. 1 hour). Pupils will explore the world of parasites using 3D microscopy, investigate animal organ systems and start to think about how we might be able to stop their deadly life cycle.  

Limp Lobsters and Squidgy Starfish (Approx. 1 hour). Pupils will investigate the possible effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 on some of our favourite rock pool creatures. Pupils will get up close to some of our coastal critters, investigate how water can become acidified and get to measure the effect changing pH will have on different organisms.