Email Management

To view the University’s Policy on the Use of Email please visit the following link:

Why do I need to manage my emails?

The University has made a commitment to implement an efficient Records Management system for both paper and electronic records. Managing your emails will produce a more efficient and effective use of physical and server space, more efficient and effective use of staff time, improve control of valuable information resources and ensure compliance with legislation and standards.

How do I manage my emails?

The Training Advisor & Records Manager are currently devising a training session for managing emails. Guidance notes entitled, ‘What are good working practices with email?’ is currently available at

What emails can I routinely destroy?

  • Out of Office automatic responses
  • Confirmations of attendance at meetings/functions
  • Draft versions of emails
  • Junk email
  • Personal emails
  • Emails copied to you for information only

What emails must I retain?

  • Retain originals of all emails likely to have evidential value in current or future legal proceedings
  • Retain originals of all emails required for business functions